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Bear Persuasion

Noll is determined to bring down Harrison using any means necessary. He miscalculated letting Orion escape, but he won't screw up with Harrison's human friend, Evan. Evan is ripe for Noll's seduction. Noll must first get over the fact that he himself is a virgin when it comes to men.

Confident that he will get his way, Noll plays the abused victim to lure Evan to care for him. His second big mistake comes when he takes Evan home to his compound where no one wants the human there, and they are determined to defy their alpha for his own good.

Warning: This is the "bad guy's" story. The book contains explicit male/male sexual content from a dark-hearted anti-hero, graphic language, and situations that some readers WILL find objectionable.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bear Memory
In a bloody war, Harrison lost his mate, and it nearly destroyed his mind. He abandoned his people to their fate. Not only did he suppress the bear shifter in him, which shouldn’t be possible, he also lives as a straight human and forgot who he is. 

Orion—big, dark, and wounded—has suffered at the hand of the enemy while longing for the day he will find his alpha. He was low in the hierarchy of his sleuth and beaten lower. Used and abused, he has only ever looked at one man. He believes if he can find the alpha, he could force him to return.

Harrison doesn’t want to remember. Orion can’t forget. In some ways, Orion blames his alpha. But he also loves him. Will Orion's touch be enough to bring his alpha back? He must try for the survival of his people. 


Chapter One - Orion

Every breath Orion sucked in burned in his lungs. His throat was dry, and he would give anything for a drink. He shut his eyes, concentrating on the face that carried him through day after day. Blue, angry eyes that sparked with life and power, a straight nose and angular jaw, sardonic lips. His heartbeat picked up as he imagined the blond hair tumbling overlong onto his alpha’s forehead and how many times he’d ached to brush it away. That had never been his right. He could look, but he could never touch.
“What are you thinking about?” came the hated voice, interrupting his soothing imaginings. Orion refused to open his eyes. The laughter chilled him, and he gritted his teeth. That made the pain worse, something he knew his captor desired. The voice came again, closer to his ear. “Your dick is hard, Orion. Do you like what I’m doing to you?”
Orion swore and raised his head, opening his eyes. “Fuck you!” he growled, his own voice gone deep with the rise of his bear.
Noll, with eyes as black as his hair and a heart darker still, waggled a finger at him. The cruel curl to his lips probably never attracted anyone. Not anyone he didn’t force himself on, Orion guessed.
“No, no, no,” Noll teased. “I didn’t give you permission to turn.”
Orion fought to give over to his animal side, but he felt Noll pushing against him with his power. Noll’s position as alpha of his sleuth could command those under him. While he wasn’t Orion’s alpha—Orion would rather die than submit—Noll was stronger. He could force Orion to bow.
“Another,” Noll commanded the man standing at the base of the table. “He’s not ready to give in yet.”
Orion braced himself, and the whip cracked the air. The spiked tip tore at his abdomen, and a cry escaped him. Moisture made his skin slick, and the salt from it only added to the burn of the cuts on his chest, his abdomen, his thighs, and even his crotch. Once again, he pinched his eyes closed, feeling moisture at the edges. He pulled in breath through flared nostrils, feeling his chest swell and sink down.
Orion tugged at the bonds that held his wrists, but he couldn’t break the chains. Usually, something as ordinary as steel would never be able to hold a bear shifter, especially not him. He was physically the strongest among his people, but that was why Noll had sought him out, to break him in front of the others. So far, the plan was going well.
Noll tangled his hands in Orion’s hair and tugged hard. Orion winced. “Where’s your alpha?”
“Fuck you,” Orion whispered.
The whip hit its target three more times, and Orion must have fainted because the next thing he was aware of was ice cold water in the face. He gasped and shook his head. Wet, matted clumps of hair fell into his eyes. He shook again, and Noll laughed.
“You’re so bedraggled, you look like you’ve already shifted. What would your alpha think of you if he saw you like this?” Noll gestured to Orion’s state, naked on a hard metal table, covered in cuts from head to toe, old scars on his back where Noll hadn’t allowed him to heal properly. He’d also not been given much to eat so he would remain weak. Orion knew the time was coming when he would break down and give in. So far, he’d kept his will strong, defiance inside if it didn’t always appear on his face. No matter what he did, Noll knew. Noll could sense he wasn’t broken. Not yet anyway, but Orion also believed Noll was aware of a change. Orion was coming close to the end of his fight.
“No answer?” Noll said.
Orion didn’t have the strength to ignore him and therefore get another hit from the whip. “I told you. I don’t know where he is. He abandoned us.”
“That’s impossible,” Noll snapped. “An alpha would never leave his people. He’s hiding, and you know where.”
Orion groaned. “You’ve held me for three years, beating me daily and… Don’t you think I would have told you by now to stop the torture?”
Noll shook his head. He pushed fingers into his short-cropped hair, disordering it. He paced from the top to the base of the bed. “Someone like you would never betray your alpha. You’d fight by his side until death.”
Orion didn’t acknowledge the words as true even though they were. He would die for his alpha, and it looked like death would come soon.
“I want him,” Noll said, sneering. “I want him in my grasp, to make him suffer like you’ve suffered for three years. Don’t you want that too? He ran away and abandoned you. He’s a coward.”
“No!” Orion jerked at his bonds, but the metal bit into his wrists, already chafe and raw. Noll glanced at the wounds with an impassive air. Then he laid a hand on Orion’s thigh. Orion tried to shift away. “Don’t do that.”
“Why?” Noll grinned and squeezed Orion’s thigh. He slid his hand higher. “You like men. We both know that’s true by now.”
Orion shut his eyes and tried to bring up his alpha’s image in his mind again. Harrison was the only man he wanted to touch him.
“There it goes again,” Noll whispered. “What are you thinking about? Him? Or is it one of your men? Which one is it? Don’t tell me it’s one of my men? I’d have to cut your heart out. Didn’t the women do it for you, Orion?”
Orion stayed silent at the taunts. Noll knew his preferences. Yes, he was gay. He had never tried to hide it, but he wished he had. Then he could be denied sex, and he could go on dreaming of his alpha uninterrupted. Yet, once Noll knew the truth, he sent women from his sleuth to Orion. Because of Orion’s size and build, they enjoyed his body, and he hated every moment of it.
“Haven’t they turned you yet, Orion?” Noll asked, with a note of confusion in his tone. Orion didn’t believe the man wondered one way or another. All he cared about was tormenting Orion, trying to get him to reveal information he didn’t have. He didn’t know where his alpha was or why he didn’t come to rescue them.
A crack of the whip. “Answer the alpha, dog!”
Orion roared at the man with the whip. “I’m not a dog.”
Noll chuckled and raised his hand. “Don’t hit him unless I say.”
The man bowed his head. “Of course, sir. I apologize. He disrespected you, and I couldn’t help myself.”
Orion had been disrespecting Noll all along. He suspected it pissed the guy off that Noll had touched his thigh and come so close to Orion’s cock. Noll had never crossed the line in that way. No, he preferred to humiliate Orion in other, more excruciating ways.
“Orion, the women are so soft and smell so good. Their heavy breasts pressed to your chest, doesn’t that get you up?”
Orion clamped his teeth together.
Noll chuckled. “No?”
He leaned down to almost touch Orion’s ear with his lips, and while he cast his voice low, Orion knew everyone in the room could hear what he said.
“Maybe not the ladies. What if I did it? What if I climbed on the table right now and—” He broke off and looked down toward Orion’s crotch. “Not me? Maybe you want…the alpha? Your alpha?”
Orion tried as hard as he could not to think of Harrison this time, to keep his mind blank and his breathing even. Still his heart tried to jump out of his chest. He panted because not only did Harrison’s face appear in his mind but his body too, a form Orion had seen naked many times in the past, as he’d seen all of his people. Harrison had always been the one for him, but he had belonged to another.
“Oh ho,” Noll crowed. “Now I see. If you could just sink your dick into that tight ass, you’d take all the beatings in the world, huh?”
This time, Orion didn’t growl. He made no sound at all, but when he squeezed his eyes shut tighter, a single bulb of water leaked from the side of one. He hoped Noll didn’t notice, being on the opposite side, but the heinous laughter filled the room. The man who whipped him joined in and a few others. They kept it up until Noll signaled, and the whip crackled through the air again and again.
When Orion no longer had the strength to react, they staved off the attack. Noll gave the order to vacate the room, and the spectators filed out. “Send the ladies in,” he told one of his men. “After they’ve had their pleasure, put him back in his cage. Maybe tomorrow he’ll be ready to talk.”

* * * *

Orion was aware of being dragged down a hall and around a corner where his captors allowed his feet to bump over things he couldn’t see. A clank and the jingle of keys turning in a lock. He recognized the iron door opening, and he was dumped inside the cage on the dirty floor.
“Orion,” one of the younger men called out. Orion felt rough hands brush his hair away from his face, and then water touched his lips. He drank, but it hurt, and he turned his head. The muttered curse came from the young man who was his fellow prisoner in the cell. “Let me get you up to your cot.”
“No, I can do it,” he whispered and forced his eyes open. “Just leave me alone, Luis.”
“I won’t do that. If no one cares, I do.” He hoisted Orion with a shoulder braced in Orion’s armpit. They both almost fell over onto the floor. Luis wasn’t much stronger than Orion. Being slender of build and also half-starved, Luis was one of the people Orion took the beatings for. So Luis wouldn’t have to be hurt or worse—killed.
They made it to the cot, and Orion fell back against the pillow that had gone flat ages ago. He panted, his lungs on fire. His stomach stirred with hunger, and the beast in him ached to hunt, if nothing else but to run. Orion knew it wouldn’t be allowed for another couple of days and then for a short period of time with twenty shifters on his heels to make sure he didn’t try to get away. Somehow he would have to last until then.
A trickle of water caught his attention, and then a damp, cool cloth touched his stomach. He started. “You’re wasting water!”
“I have to clean the wounds.”
“Because…. Hell, I don’t know.”
Orion opened his eyes and looked at Luis, sandy hair falling onto his face. All of them looked like wild animals now even in their human forms. Orion almost couldn’t remember what it was like to wear clothes or shower or anything like people did. The others were a little luckier. Luis got to wear pants if not a shirt and shoes.
Before their fall, Orion enjoyed the outdoors more than domestication. He missed it, and the infrequent trips outside weren’t enough. The enclosure seemed to be killing him from the inside out. Some days, he hardly felt his bear stir, and he didn’t know what it meant. He would have to do something about this situation soon. If anything happened to him, they might take Luis. The younger man wouldn’t last a day.
“I hate how they use you,” Luis grumbled, and Orion heard the thickness in his tone that meant Luis was close to a shift.
“Don’t,” he warned. “They humiliate us by not letting us take our true form. Don’t give them a reason to punish you.”
“So I should let them do it to you?” Luis glanced up, and Orion saw his tears. Pain ripped him apart, but this time it wasn’t because of physical wounds. “They know you’re gay, Orion, but they send those women in to use you. It’s not right. You’re bruised.”
Orion forced a smile. “Two years ago, you wouldn’t look at it.”
Pink tinged Luis’s cheeks. “Someone has to take care of you. You took on the pain so they would stop killing us. It’s the least I can do.”
“I can take anything they throw at me.”
Luis looked doubtful, an expression that grew when Orion raised his feeble hand, the one the alpha had crushed until Orion could scarcely hold anything with it unless he infused it with the bear’s energy. Even still, when he shifted, he had no claws on that paw. Noll could heal him, but he never would.
Orion laid the offensive hand across his abdomen, trying to hide it. He couldn’t hide the crisscross of wounds all over his body. Luis sniffed and stood up. He pinched the ratty jeans he wore open and lowered the zipper.
“If you want, you can have me, Orion,” Luis said.
Orion’s eyes bugged. “Are you crazy? You’re not gay.”
“I know, but if it will make you feel better, it’s all right. It’s the least I can do for the times you were hurt to keep me alive.”
Orion rolled over and faced the wall. “Go back to your cot. I don’t want you.”
“Go!” Orion gritted his teeth. “For one thing, my dick still hurts, and for another, I’ll never use a man like they use me! I’m going to figure out how to get out of here, Luis.  I don’t know how or when, but I will. I’m going to get out, and I’m going to find the alpha. Then we’ll all be saved. That’s my promise to you.”

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Kite and Wolf

This is the simple and straight to the point review I got for Kite and Wolf that made my morning:

"Eden, what a freakin awesome book!!!" - J

Sheriff Duncan McGregor is a wolf shifter who is comfortable with his life in small-town Maine. He's never had a problem obeying the chief, his alpha, but when Kite Dowling comes to town, bringing trouble with him, everything changes. Duncan's wolf recognizes Kite as his mate, and Duncan can't bring himself to run the sexy bird shifter out of town like he's ordered to. Duncan welcomes Kite into his bed, but can he afford to let him into his heart, especially when an alpha wolf ex-boyfriend comes calling for Kite?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Longhorn's Kiss Released!

Sindri Dahl is on the run from his coven. Daylight is coming, and Sindri needs shelter and blood. He thinks he’s found his prey when he comes upon a man in the woods, but Sindri is soon hogtied and carried off over the shoulder of the big man, whose strength rivals Sindri’s own. Now he is at the mercy of not one but three longhorn shifters, and each of the men have his sights set on ravaging the slender vampire.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I was in USA Today!

What an unexpected surprise, and I missed it. I was mentioned in a USA Today article back in May 2013. The headline read, "Got wolf? See newer paranormal romances." Pretty cool. Here's the link. Don't know how long it will be in existence, so I did a screenshot. Made me feel special. Thanks, USA Today.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coming Soon: His Love Is Forever

His Love Is Forever
Coming Soon to Amira Press

Roger lost his wife in a freak accident that took her life. With no family and few friends, he thinks he’s facing a life of solitude, especially with the problem he’s hidden from all who know him, an issue he’s only ever shared with his wife. Then his best friend turns up at his door, the man he’d had a falling out with ten years ago when he decided to get married. Jett is the happy go lucky guy Roger’s known since they were both five years old and next door neighbors. While Roger is glad of the support in this hard time, Jett’s appearance brings to light Roger’s struggle and tests him beyond what he feels he can bear.


Roger held onto the chair back, squeezing until his fingers ached and the blood in the tips receded. He dipped his head and shut his eyes. Emotion rolled over him in waves, and he did his best to weather it all. Too much. He hated facing the next few days, even weeks and months without her. The wooden chair creaked as he leaned more of his weight onto it. Focus, Roger. Make decisions. That’s the only way to handle this.

The doorbell rang, followed by a loud snap. He stood there staring down at the destroyed dining chair. They had purchased it together not five years ago to replace the old when his financial situation had improved. Again the ring, and he gritted his teeth.

He left the chair where it lay and headed toward the front door. With luck, he could send whoever it was away and get back to…to what? Feeling sorry for himself? No, there were calls to be made, people to inform. With the endless list scrolling through his head he opened the door, and all thought vanished.

“Hey, buddy, it’s been a long time.”

“Yeah,” Roger croaked and then cleared his throat. “Jett, what are you doing here? How did you know where I live? Why—”

“Whoa.” Jett held up his hands, chuckling, and through his grief, Roger registered a bit of that confusion he had once experienced in his old friend’s presence. Jett strolled past him. “Mind if I come in before we talk?”

Jett eased a jacket off broad shoulders and ran fingers through disordered, dark curls. That was Jett, Roger noted, always sure of himself, easygoing and letting nothing rile him. Roger snapped out of his reverie and shut the door to follow Jett into the living room. Before he sat down, Jett stretched out a hand toward him. Roger froze.

“It’s good to see you again. What’s it been…ten years?”

They both knew it had been ten years since their fight that led to the destruction of a friendship, which had begun when they were boys. Roger took the offered hand and was relieved to feel nothing weird. They shook, and Jett drew him close to pat his back in a half hug. Roger was not so numb as he had hoped. He drew away as quickly as he could without causing Jett to wonder about him.

“Mikey told me,” Jett explained as he took a seat on the couch. “Your address and about Mary Beth. You have my condolences.”

Roger nodded and dropped into one of the armchairs. Their mutual friend had been the first person he’d told. He’d been careful not to ask about Jett in all these years, and blocked any attempts Mikey made to keep him updated. “Thanks, I…” His words died away as he relived the news. “Her car went off the road. She was driving at night, in the pouring rain. I told her a million times not to do it. Her night vision wasn’t good…”

“I’m sorry.”

Roger didn’t know when Jett had moved. All he knew was that Jett’s hand sat on his shoulder, and when he stooped, eyes warm like chocolate were level with his. Jett’s knee bumped his on accident, and Roger stilled, caught between staying where he sat and standing to pace. He looked away from the concern and hardened his jaw. “She was away on business. I had her body transported back here. The funeral is on Friday.”


Jett straightened, and Roger blew out a breath of relief.

“I’ll be here with you all the way through it.”

Roger’s eyes widened. “Here?”

“Yeah, my luggage is in the car. I’m going to bring it in.” He scanned the room with a slight smile, revealing even, white teeth. “Looks like you’ve done all right for yourself. Unless of course you were living off her.”

Roger glared, but Jett winked and laughed. He disappeared out of the room, and a few seconds later the front door opened and closed. Jett intended to stay there in his house? Sure he had the space with five bedrooms, two of the spares furnished for times when Mary Beth had special clients in town. Both of them were only children, and neither of their parents was alive. The realization that no one other than work associates would need to be notified brought home how solitary his life would be from this point on.

“Hey,” Jett shouted, “where do I move my stuff to?”

Not so solitary.

Roger joined Jett in the foyer across from the stairs. “Second door on the left.” Heat suffused his face. “The right.”

He had at first given Jett directions to his own bedroom. Jett studied him and dropped the bag. He approached, and Roger held his stance. Jett always stood too close, ignoring personal space. His nose mere inches away, along with his lips and the rest of his body, the warmth of his breath heated Roger’s own nose because of being four inches taller. He dropped both hands on Roger’s shoulders and squeezed.

“Look, dude, I’m sorry for what happened in the past. I let jealousy and anger mess up our friendship. I regret it.”

“Jealousy?” Roger breathed. The pounding in his ears made it hard to hear.

Jett grinned. “You got her, didn’t you? Somebody who loved you, who devoted her life to you? I won’t say you stole her from me—”

“I did not steal her!”

A bark of laughter erupted from his friend. “Fine.” Jett drew him in without preface. The hug was more than just chests touching. Their full bodies met, including thighs, with Jett’s arms around his, trapping them to his sides, but it didn’t last more than an instant. The next moment, Jett jogged up the steps with a heavy suitcase slung on his shoulder and carrying it with ease.

Roger looked down and swore. Phone calls. That’s what I need to focus on.

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Release: On A Blood Moon

Hey Everybody,

My new Halloween story is out at Sugar and Spice Press. Below is the blurb and an excerpt. I hope you love it like I do! This is for my number one fan and for all my readers.


Jace leaves his boyfriend home and attends a Halloween party, which turns interesting and then deadly. First he meets two big and sexy men dressed like vampires, and then real vampires attack. When one of the undead drains Jace of his life source, he learns the fake vamps are really werewolves, and they were at the party for him. With no other choice, Gair and Stion do what's necessary to save Jace. Now he is one of the monsters he never knew existed, and the two shifters must stick by him until he learns to control his undying hunger. 


“Here alone?”

“Ramie,” Jace exclaimed and hugged his best friend. She’d dressed as a hooker just as she told him she would, and she pulled it off with her slender, curvy figure. He grinned, looking her over. “If I wasn’t gay, I’d eat you alive.”

She rolled her eyes and slapped his hand. “Stop, I look silly with all the cottage cheese on my thighs.” The pink in her cheeks and the lowered lashes spoke volumes about what she thought of the success of her outfit. Several pairs of male eyes settled on the long bare legs. When one man started toward them, Ramie grasped his hand and all but dragged him toward the middle of the room. “Come on. Let’s dance before he asks me.”

“Isn’t that what you’re here for? To get picked up?”

He followed her, and they began shimmying to the pounding beats over colossal speakers around the room. The spacious area stretched for half a city block. Colored lights blinked off and on from the ceiling. Black shimmering fabric hung from the walls, and one had to be careful not to slip and break one’s neck on the recently buffed floor. Tables lined one corner, ladened with two large punch bowls and various food stuffs like chips, pretzels, and dips. Jace had never been to the club, but Ramie had heard of it from a friend and wanted to check it out. He’d agreed, not caring where he partied so long as he did.

“Where’s Hale?” Ramie shouted over the music.

“Home. He wasn’t feeling well and told me to have a good time.”

Why the heck did he find it necessary to lie? Ramie must have figured out by now that all the excuses he made for Hale were just that—excuses. She never pressed him, though, and that’s what he liked about her. He could just enjoy himself around her.

Jace scanned the crowd. Most of the people were like him, wearing costumes that didn’t require much thought, like superheroes or faeries. They were the pieces one could grab off a rack or order online. Some had gone all out and designed their own pieces. He was especially impressed with the man dressed as a sushi roll. At least four vampires gyrated on the floor, and Jace heaved a sigh when he spotted two more coming through the entrance.

One set of golden eyes and one set of the palest silver locked with his as if they had expected to find him there. Jace missed a step in his fancy moves, forced to acknowledge that these two vampires were miles above any others in the room. Not that their costumes were better. They were cheap and cheesy with little more than dark clothing and a cape. The fangs could be picked up for under a dollar at a novelty shop.

What stood out to him was the way the men shifted in their clothing as if they weren’t comfortable—big wide shoulders that could make a linebacker cry with envy. The set mouths, strong jawlines, even their height was quite a few inches above his. He guessed about six foot five. Talk about imposing figures, these guys caused the crowd to part as they advanced…toward him.

Jace’s mouth went dry, and he swallowed multiple times, but it did nothing to help. He was between attraction and fear. Men as big as them didn’t normally appeal to him since he enjoyed being the bigger man, the one in full control.

“Oh, yummy, so hot,” Ramie murmured in his ear. Jace ignored her. He couldn’t bring himself to look away from the two men.

They stopped in front of him, and one—Jace tried distinguishing him from the other and noted the blond hair, a perfect match for his golden eyes—held his hand out. “Dance?”

Jace shifted his gaze to the other man with dark hair cut super close to his head. The look was almost military in its precision, and the stiffness in his demeanor didn’t lessen the impact. Jace admitted, if only to himself, that he was intimidated. Did this guy even dance?

“Uh, sure, why not,” he said. The second the words left his lips, the men moved in, one in front, the other behind. Large hands settled on his waist, another set at his shoulders. Jace’s heart hammered as he searched for Ramie, but she’d been snatched up by the very man she had used him to avoid. Guilt washed over him for abandoning her, but if anyone could take care of themselves it was Ramie. She’d defended him more than once.

“Hey, look at me.” The blond tilted Jace’s chin up, but his tone wasn’t one of command or anger. He smiled, and Jace found himself drawn in. “What’s your name?”

“Jace.” He’d said the word too low to be heard over the music and opened his mouth to repeat it, but the man behind him leaned in closer and pressed his lips to Jace’s ear. A shiver raced down Jace’s back, and the room in the front of his pants vanished.

“Jace, my name is Stion. His name is Gair.”

The blond nodded, and Jace marveled at their hearing. “Are you guys brothers?”

Gair laughed and shook his head. “No.”

“So you’re—” His voice cracked when Gair moved in close, again capturing his chin, and he moved his lips along Jace’s jawline. Jace sucked in a breath and put his hands up to the massive chest. He’d intended to push, but somehow lost the ability on contact.